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Install Script to Run Mvc 3 With Razor on Nginx at a OpenSuse Server

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Well, the title kind of says it all

For the git lovers out there clone , or simply download the zip from and unzip it.

Then run :

sudo sh ./

And voila, a couple of minutes later, you should be able to access your server via http to get some GUID-alicios Razor driven content!


To deploy your application:

  1. Delete the directory “/srv/www/monodocs/default”

  2. Copy your application to “/srv/www/monodocs/” and rename your folder name to “default”

  3. Copy the file “Default.aspx” into the new “default” folder

  4. Copy the dll files in the folder “/srv/www/monodocs/libs” into the bin folder of your application

  5. If you have the file “Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll” in your bin folder, delete it

The source is at :

If you need the Amazon EC2 AMI id’s for Opensuse, have a look here :