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Blog Migration - Part 2 - Temporary Pages

Previously : Part 1 - Setting up

After getting my self my little virtual corner on the webospere,  it was time to get some content up before getting all the final sites up.


  1. “No 404 for me”
A small "Under construction" [page]( ,with a typical 90's under construction gif look
  1. Linking my existing (sub)sites: I added two CNAME records:
Blogger Account  : =>

Project Pages : =>
  1. Setting up the root of the site:
I started to throw together a small mvc project for the [root]( of the site, both to test the hosting server's MVC and DB capabilities.  

Besides overdoing the grey gradient theme to death, I think I exaggerated a bit with the fly thing at the [404]( and [ErroraPage](
  1. Getting the blog working
I installed [AtomSite]( on and started playing around a bit with the theme.  

Again, as you can see, I'm still with the grey gradient look (will I ever grow tired of it?).

Stick around for the next post, which will be about migrating my blogger posts into the AtomSite powered blog.

Cherios, Erik

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