Blog Migration - Part 3 - Exporting Posts From Blogger To Atomsite

November 25, 2009

Previous Parts : 1, 2

Blogger are awesome in many ways, but if there’s one feature missing, it’s a way to import/export to other blog engines.

BlogML is a standard that several other blog engines are starting to support.

AtomSite supports BlogML integration from version 1.3 (Note: This is not the version shipped in the web platform installer).

I used a superb tool called BlogExporter, which exported all of my posts, comments and tags from my Blogger account to a nice little XML file.

Unfortunately, this XML file can not be imported as is to AtomSite, it needs a bit of massaging..

I exported the default blog that ships with the installation of AtomSite, to a BlogML XML file, and then compared the with the result from BlogExporter.

I noticed that a couple of tags where missing regarding the author of the blog, namely the email and title:

    <author approved="true"  
        id="Erik Zaadi"  

The <extended-properties /> tag needed to be replace with the following:


Altering those values in the XML file allowed me to import the posts to AtomSite smoothly. Stay tuned for the next post about connecting AtomSite to Windows Live Writer..


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