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jQAPI Air Application

For the last year and a half I’ve been heavily exposed to a lot of open source software.

It started out with a small conversation mentioning jQuery (Thanks Tim!), and since then I’ve been amazed by the open source community.

The great thing about open source is that you can pay back to the people that created software that you like (Yes, the price is also nice, of course).

I’ve been using jQAPI by Sebastian Senf (@mustardamus), which is an alternative (and in my personal opinion better) documentation for the jQuery API framework.

Before that, I used the jQuery API Browser, which is also great, and provides a downloadable air file for offline browsing of the API.

However, it’s not been updated to 1.4.2, and lacks that kind of special touch that jQAPI has.

So, after a couple of times of using jQAPI, I thought, heck, I know Air, I’ll spend a couple of minutes hacking together a small air wrapper for jQAPI..

Here are the results..

Unfortunately, embedding the air installation badge in the post would have most likely to ruin any rss/atom subscriber reading this post, so we’ll have to do with the link :)

@mustardamus has been kind enough to both accept my fork changes, and to include both credits and a link at jQAPI(Thanks!).

The source is at



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