Windows Live Writer Workaround for AtomSite 1.3

April 16, 2010

[UPDATE - Available for version 1.4 as well, see post here]

In continuous to an old series about migrating from Blogger to AtomSite, I came up with a workaround/solution that allows you to connect Windows Liver Writer to the AtomSite blog.

I’ve been asked a couple of times to supply the solution, so I thought I’d publish it here for more easy access:

Read the included README file for specific instructions..

If you want an easier access to the workaround than clicking in the address mentioned in the README, you can add the following to your service.config, I added it `AdminSettingsEntireSite"=>"settingsRight”

    &lt;div class="widget settings area"&gt;  
    &lt;h3&gt;Windows Live Writer Workaround&lt;/h3&gt;  
    &lt;a href="/Admin/WLWWorkaround"&gt;Activate/Disable&lt;/a&gt;  

Small disclaimer, this has been tested on AtomSite 1.3 only..



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