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Java Java for a .Niet dev

I’ve been hacking on a small Android application lately, which exposed me to Java.

I’ve never really written an entire application in Java before, and the experience is rather interesting.

I mainly write in C# for server side code, and although I like to learn other languages, C# still remains my favorite language.

Java for me was very similar to C# (and ActionScript too, being yet another ECMA’ish language), and writing it was not as annoying as writing c++.

Even though I found things missing (such as automatic getters and setters, String.IsNullOrEmpty), I was rather surprised to see how powerful Java really is.

To summarize, Java should be respected. It had an amazing feature set way before C# was created (or copied and enhanced).

That doesn’t mean that I’ll write applications in Java though :)

A certain brit called Tim might be furious that someone learns Java before Scala , but that’s another story..



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