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Startup Weekend, Android, Vim, Razor and a bit of Chirpy

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve written.

A lot of stuff has been going on lately, so this post will be a quick summary..

  1. Startup Weekend - Tel Aviv The second startup weekend in Israel took place in the Peres Peace House, in Yaffo, where Palestinian and Israeli joined forces for a lovely three day hack fest (

    I joined a brilliant idea called MovieOke (Karaoke with movies), and really enjoyed working on the project during the startup weekend..

    You can see the site in action at

    We actually got to first place!

    I’m the one on the left, trying to tuck in my beer belly while being totally blinded by the sun on the beach, more details here.

  2. I’ve been hacking on an Android application lately (see post on java). This has been a great experience. It’s a bit annoying to get used to writing in Java, and the android SDK’s xml layouts are a bit rough to get into, but when you get use to the idea, it’s a joy. Hopefully I’ll get some time over to finish the app, so I can publish it here.

  3. I’ve been using (g)Vim a bit more lately. Can’t really say I’ve gotten THE THING about it yet. But the more commands you remember, the more useful it gets..

  4. I’ve experimented a bit with mvc 3 preview 1, especially with the new Razor view engine. Simply brilliant, finally a more concise templating, ala spark / nhaml.

  5. Last but not least, Chirpy is an awesome Visual Studio adding that compresses jsand css for you when you save the file. Very powerful and useful. I forked it to add jQuery as reference when compressing with Google Closure compiler (similar to this post), but then I had some more ideas, hopefully I’ll have some time for that as well soon.

Well that’s it, a small recap of that I’ve been about since the last time.



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