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You know you are a geek when you have a site for your wedding, and even more when there are easter eggs at the site as well.

Whoa that was a long title.

I’ve been rather busy lately with preparations for our wedding, you know, find a location, get a suit, build a website for the wedding, lose the beer belly and such.

Oh yea, you caught me, I couldn’t resist it.

I actually did a full scale cross media campaign for the wedding, with the initial excuse that it would save me and my bride to be some time and effort with counting and verifying the RSVPs of our invitees.

The campaign includesd:

  • Personalized site

    • Personalized invitation code
    • RSVP and update details (Email where missing)
    • Map (With a QR Code for smartphones that opens the local navigator)
    • Calendar reminder (With a QR Code with an Calendar Event code)
  • Personalized printed invitations

    • With a personalized name, greeting and of course a QR Code pointing to the site
  • 5 (!) Personalized Emails

    • Invitation
    • Thanks for RSVPing
    • Reminder two weeks before
    • Reminder 3 days before
    • Thanks for coming (hopefully with an image from the wedding)
  • Localized to Swedish, Hebrew and English.

  • Backend to update / see status about invitees and RSVPs

  • 2 Easter eggs

The campaign was quite successful, about 55% of the invitees RSVP’d in the site.

Let’s hope the wedding will go as well!

The wedding was awesome!!1

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