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The small things

Lately I’ve been going deeper and deeper down the nix rabbit hole at my new work.

The deeper I go, the more I undestand what a nix n00b I am. I’ve had so many OMG/AHA! moments, and it reminds me a bit of the period I (re)discovered the Mac, and when my journey of the open source world began.

Here’s a small example that’ll make anyone with nix experience chuckle, since it’s so basic:

When in the middle of a long process such as a download, pressing ctrl+z, the download will continue in another process [UPDATE] ctrl+z stops the process, if you want it to continue in background u need to run bg, freeing the prompt. Enter the command fg, and POFF, you’re back to the download.


Another thing I’m really enjoying learning is Python. It’s with its perks of course, but having a REPL to debug and hack around in is awesome!

Exiting times indeed!

Thanks @theyonibomber for the correct answer.

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