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mv {word,octo}press

After my wordpress blog was hacked twice, and I got a warning from google that I host malware (!), I decided that enough is enough, time to ditch Wordpress and hope never to see php code again.

I managed to resist the urge to roll my own blog engine (haven’t we all been there?), and decided to use octopress.

After being victorious over ruby and rvm who thought it’d be hilarious to make me go crazy while making earthquake work, I thought I might give octopress a shot.

It took me one late night hack to get everything up and running.

I used exitWP’s script to generate markdown posts. Then I did some sed magic to add comments

comments: true

to the yaml head of all post files.

Since I’ve got all my images hardcoded to wp-content (for now), I simply added that folder to the source folder.

I imported all my comments to disqus using the same WXR export file I used to migrate with exitWP, and the comments where available after a few hours.

I changed the permalinks format a bit to keep the same url scheme as wordpress for the posts, and changed the category scheme to fit as well:

permalink: /:year/:month/:day/:title/
#permalink: /blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/
category_dir: category
category_title_prefix: "Category: "

For a more thourough migration guide try Pavan Podila or Vito Botta.

I still have some more work cleaning up the posts, adding correct (and awesome) code highlighting, redo the theme etc.

But hey, that’s exactly why I like octopress, so much enjoyable stuff to hack on :)

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