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One year of Linux

A little more than a year ago, I started working at XIV (IBM).

The change was rather dramatic in terms of technologies that I work with. I went from being a .NET web developer to a python developer, dealing with a lot if IT and system.

Furthermore, I stopped working on a Mac (this is do miss), and have almost not touched windows for the entire year (which I haven’t missed at all).

The workstation (laptop) I have is running Linux, I started with Ubuntu 10.10, and was with Ubuntu up until 12.04 when I switched to Fedora (17).

My day to day work is usually in a fullscreen terminal, vim’ing away, pimped with tmux of course.

I’ve had problems with XOrg, some stuff hanged and other “typical” Linux issues you hear of, but whatever I needed was usually a package away, and in worse case, a compilation away.

I’ve always liked “the unix way” where you have a collection of tools, which each do their own thing awesome, and can interact with any other tool doing it’s own special thing.

I could never have imaging what a powerful toolset this brings. I’ve been more efficient with simple bash scripts than with writing entire .NET programs.

To summarize, I feel that my efficience has improved vastly, and that I can’t really imagine working in a non nix environment. Wouldn’t complain if I were on a Mac of course ;)

So what are you waiting for? Start vim’ing on a nix machine ASAP! And don’t forget to use tmux!

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