Auto Auto Reloading iPython modules

March 14, 2013

You all use ipython, it’s an awesome tool.

However, it’s kind of annoying to exit and re-enter ipython when you change your python files.

There’s an extension built into ipython called autoreload which can be loaded by entering:

%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2

Now whenever you edit your file, your objects will be updated in ipython without the need to close and reopen ipython.

But entering those lines each time you pop open ipython isn’t fun either.

Enter ipython profiles!

ipython profile create
cat << EOF >> ~/.config/ipython/profile_default/

#w00t : taken from!
c.InteractiveShellApp.exec_lines = []
c.InteractiveShellApp.exec_lines.append('%load_ext autoreload')
c.InteractiveShellApp.exec_lines.append('%autoreload 2') 

And BOOM, you’re auto auto reloading python modules L I K E A B O S S !!1

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