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nose-rapido - a rapid feedback plugin for nosetests

I use a tmux + vim development environment which I find really productive. When hacking on python projects, I like to have a tmux window open with nosetests logs, typically using nose-watch.

Every now and then after saving, I’d switch to that window to see how the tests are doing.

I wanted something a bit more small that would give me immediate feedback in my main window that I use, which is of course the vim window. The feedback should on one hand not take up to much screen estate, nor disrupt my vim-fu focus.

Enter nose-rapido.

nose-rapido is a nosetests plugin, that does one small and simply thingy: It fills your terminal with green (or optionally blue for the colorblinded) or red color, according to your nosetests result.


pip install nose-rapido


nosetests --with-rapido

With nose-watch

nosetests --with-rapido --with-watch

With blue colors instead of green

nosetests --with-rapido --rapido-blue


Tests passing

And if you fail your tests:

Tests failing

With blue instead of green:

Tests success with blue


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