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FDD - Fika Driven Development


There are many different type of development methodologies. TDD, BDD, what have you.

You also got non development centric methodologies such as Pomodoro, which help you make the most of your time.

At our group at work, we have fine tuned a brand new and shiny methodology called:

“FDD” - Fika Driven Development

[Fika]( is a Swedish custom imported by yours truly.

Every day, at, it’s Fika O’clock, usually announced by SHOUTING in ascii in our IRC channel.

During the Fika, we have coffee in our kitchen, with something sweet like cookies on the side, and we talk.

The Fika exposes the following crucial exercises we nerds usually don’t use on a daily bases.

  1. We socialize face to face
  2. Talk NOT about work
  3. We actually move physically

In addition, we drink coffee, which is always important.

On a side note, did you know that Sweden is the top of the world in coffee consumption?

We also have morning Fika(s), but this works in a more distributed manner, usually in two or three batches according to arrival times.

We’ve found that using FDD (FTW), we’re more focused, more relaxed.

Try FDD and let us know how it affects you!

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