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Hush hush now Logstash

What do you do when your logging infrastructure logs to much?

Logstash is almost the facto log infratructure tool nowadays.

Although scaling it up is a bit interesting to say the least, Logstash works.

As any tool, it has some rough edges you might encounter.

We had a problem that Logstash’s own logs were being filled up in blazing rates.

The messages were mostly non critical warnings of retries etc.

Initially, we tried to fix it with good old logrotate, but at peaks, the log would fill up faster than the logrotate samling rate.

We even got so far as adding a cron job that ran every 5 minutes that truncated the log, but we had peaks that filled the disk even faster than that.

After poking around I found a MAGIC command line parameter:


This will cause Logstash to only output errors and supress warnings.

We altered the upstart job to pass the STFU parameter to the Logstash agent, and BOOM, no more pagerduties of filled disk space.

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