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The D in Blog

Humans make mistakes.

My last blog post was written on a train, just like this blog post.

I proof read the post about 4 times to check spelling, grammar and too bad jokes.

All seemed legit, so I published the post.

Little did I know that all the time I spent on checking the content, I forgot to check the actual title of the blog.

Panda Facepalm

I noticed the typo only when the amazong abyx mentioned it in a Facebook comment.

By then I was driving to a Kung Fu practice far away from my Mac.

Luckily for me, I’ve invested in automating ALL THE THINGZ at my blog, so all I had to do to fix the problem was to open Github from my phone, edit the blog post and commit, and voila, the horrible mistake was fixed.

Yes Yes, I only fixed the title, the Url still has the typo in it, didn’t want to mess with the SEO gods..

Anyhuze, I got some questions about how the duck that would work, and decided to write this post to explain DA FLOWZ.


I’m using Hugo, a static content generator written in Golang (FTW).

The source of the blog is up at Github.

The actual blog site is hosted at Amazon S3.

Upon pushing to the master branch, Travis builds the site using Hugo, then deploys to Amazon S3.

After Travis finishes successfully I get a push notification to my phone using NMA

NMA Notification


If it interests you, have a look at the source to see how it works.

Bye Y’all

Bye Spock

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