Linting Helm Charts in Travis

February 25, 2019

Helm charts makes even kubernetes sane, However…


Like any YAML based tooling, it’s pretty darn easy to break it.

Here’s a small snippet of how you can integrate helm lint to your CI build in Travis CI quite seamlessly:

sudo: false
group: travis_latest
    - name: Lint
      language: minimal
      services: docker
        # This spins up our helm and kubectl docker image
        - docker run -d --name travis-helm -v ~/.kube:/root/.kube -v ${PWD}:/root/helm -e HELM_DIR=/root/helm -w /root/helm dtzar/helm-kubectl:2.12.3 /bin/sh -c "while true; do sleep 1; date; done" 
        # Optional, but needed in most cases
        - docker exec travis-helm bash -c "helm init --client-only" 
        # El Magico
        - ls ./**/Chart.yaml | xargs dirname | xargs -I % docker exec travis-helm bash -c "helm lint %" 
        # Bonus: Run any helm/kubectl command
        - docker exec travis-helm bash -c "kubectl --namespace ${NAMESPACE} wait --for=condition=complete job/${NAMESPACE}-initializer-ftw --timeout=30s"
      # Yet another bonus: tear down your env, this runs even if the build fails
        - docker exec travis-helm bash -c "kubectl delete namespace ${NAMESPACE} --wait=false && helm delete ${NAMESPACE} --purge"

Kudos to David Tesar for making the helm-kubectl image

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