Erik Zaadi

The tales of a developer with passion for dad jokes

Slides and Public Talks

Reversim Summit 2024

DRY-ing up your CI/CD with Git Rebase


Gist linked at the end of the video.

Community Summit TLV 2020

Monitoring People An Engineering Approach to Human KPIs

Full slides

DevSecOps 2020

Pull Request Etiquette

Full slides

DevOpsDays TLV 2019

Rick and (post)Morty

Pull Request Etiquette

Full slides

Reversim 2019

Managing for dummies: Managing people smarter than you


Jenkins User Conference 2017

Immutable infrastructure using Jenkins

DevOpsDays TLV 2016

Scaling Humans: BigPanda’s Fabulous ChatOps Adventure

Discover How Surprisingly Similar it is to do Kung Fu and Devops